Raw Honey Is A Super Food To Take

When it comes to the healthy foods available in the UK, raw honey is one of the most popular choices that people opt for. There are different nutrients in it such as amino acids, B-complex, vitamin E, C, and D. There are also a good amount of proteins, healthy acids, and plant pigments in it.

How raw honey is different from sugar?

Glucose that is there in sugar goes directly into the bloodstream; the same case is not with raw honey. It has enzymes like invertase, inulase that helps in digestion and it also helps in the assimilation of minerals and vitamins into body cells. These are the things that make honey of great use.

The reason why the use of honey is considered better is that all the vitamins, acids, and enzymes that are present in it help to soothe the digestive system, it keeps the bacteria out, and it also gets easily absorbed in the body. Honey has lubricating abilities this is why it is good for the whole body.

Wound treatment

The use of raw honey in the UK is common because it is used in dressing wounds. There are antimicrobial properties in it that can help in preventing the growth of bacteria. There have been clinical observations that show that raw honey cleans pain, swelling, it also reduces scarring.The healing properties of honey are well known this is why it is used for wound treatment that has been approved by the government as well.

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