Different Types Of Sushi Dishes That Must Know

When you go to the restaurant and take the menu to order the sushi dish, you must know about the different tasty sushi dishes. It is a combination of raw fish and rice which is cooked in different varieties.

You will get confused after eating the sushi dish if you do not notice the little differences. If you are on a trip to Staten Island then you should surely taste the sushi in some authentic Japanese restaurants. Sushi restaurants are known for their delicious japanese cuisines in Staten Island and other sea food.

Varieties of sushi dishes

Makizushi – When making this dish, put the rice and other ingredients like cucumber, a strip of fresh tuna, or pickled daikon on a Noriseaweed sheet and roll it. Then cut it into smaller pieces. Vinegared rice makes a sweet tangy taste and fish topping gives a distant taste in your mouth.

Gunkan Maki – Gunkan maki is made by a rice ball and fish eggs rolled into a wide strip of nori. Atthe top of the rice ball put the ingredients like squid, salmon roe, potato salad, and kanimiso.Thefish eggs at the top make it crispier.You can eat it carefully with your fingers or spoon.

Narezushi – Narezushi is made by pieces of fish with rice andsalt. You can preserve it for several months by fermentation. Afterthe fermentation period, Narezushi gives you a modern type of sushi.If you like the sour taste, it is the best dish that you will likedue to its extreme pungent flavor.

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