Wine Tasting Business

Wine tasting is a ceremony where the wine is assessed or judged instead of just drinking it. It can be a very good business in NY if you want to work less and earn more. All you need to have is wine education in New York in order to carry on with this business there. You need to get the certificate and then you can set up the business. The wine tasting business is not much popular hence there is lesser competition.

Here are some tips mentioned below if you want to get started with this business:

Collect the information: First, you need to check the possibilities of wine tasting around you. The wine tasting is generally held in clubs or at special events mostly. There you can make good money for your services. The service rates are high, you can charge according to both the number of people and time consumption. For large parties you can also hire people to help you out and later pay them accordingly.

Arrange for supplies: You need to meet the host of the party to ask for the number of people according to which you need to ask him or her for wine bottles, glasses and food. For a number of 20 persons, there are around 30 bottles needed. You need to have different types of wine for it. The glasses must be filled by you for the guest. Make sure that the glass is filled to a quarter. While doing it, you must talk about the wine such as how it is made, where it is made, how to enjoy the best taste etc.

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